The Ad Twins Read The Kingdom of Chen!!! With Cool Intro!!!

Post date: Jun 12, 2015 4:12:02 AM

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My name is Chinie Chin Chen. I am the Emperor of the Kingdom of Chen. We’re a small kingdom, recently founded. I am the first emperor!!! I would like to share with you the story of how we founded the Kingdom of Chen and how I became its Emperor.

It is a story about faith, humility, courage, wisdom, leadership, strategy, ingenuity, and love…about choosing between life and death…about respecting your opponent and understanding his deception…about divine intervention and awesome power…and about eternal salvation.

In it, we tell the tale of how the Kingdom of Chen battled evil and emerged victorious and rejoicing!!!

It is also a story about oranges and books???

Come on in and give us a read. You will be moved, enlightened, teary, and be on the edge of your seat!!!


Now available on Google Play!!!

現可得到在 Google Play!!!

我的名字叫陳小城 。 我是陳國的皇帝。 我們是一個小王國、最近成立的。 我是第一個皇帝!!! 我想與大家分享我們的故事闗於我們如何建立陳國跟我是如何成為其皇帝。

這是一個故事關於信仰、 謙卑、勇氣、智慧、領導、戰略、創造力、和 愛.......關於選擇生或死.......關於尊重對手和了解他的欺騙.......關於神助和強大力量.......和關於永恆救恩。

在內、我們告訴個故事關於如何陳國戰鬥惡魔 、而勝利又喜悅!!!


來吧、給我們一讀。 你會被感動、開明、流淚、在你座位前緣!!!


現可得到在 Google Play!!!